They were walked on the field. Sometimes Tarja saw her with Tuo and some another guys on the scene. But all this vews weren't clear and Tarja felt that they are very far from. It was like they were walking through time. From this little views Tarja understood she was a singer in the band, where was Tuo too.
Suddenly they appeared hear the compfire, around it were sitting guys, Tuo, Marcelo and her. Tarja was sitting between them.

- Marcello, sorry, I don't feel well, I'll better go to sleep - she said.
- I'm with you- he answered
- No, no... I want to know what guys will decide about our talk.

She stood up and said:

- Sorry, guys, I very want to sleep. Thank you for this really good evening.
- Good night - was answer from all of them.

Tarja went to her tent. Nobody notised Tuo went after her. When they went away from compfire Tuo touched her shoulder and they stopped. He said:

- I wait this moment all this evening.

He came closer to her and took his hand on her cheek.

-Tuo, no, please, no...
- Why? What happened, Tarja? I love you! You don't let me kiss you when you near him, but he isn't here. You yourself said that among you and him there is nothing. Something trouble you?
-Tuo, I love you, I can't live without you. You is my life.

Tarja looked at him and he received a long kiss from her. After it she went to her tent. He followed her. She stopped and with tears said:

- Tuo, I don't want to be with you now. I ask you, please, don't follow me!

He stopped and said:

- Sorry, dear, if you want so, won't troyble you. If will need something, I'm at your service.

He went away. Tarja seat near her tent and began crying.

- How I love him!...and him too....

All dissapeared. Tarja again looked at woman.

- I can't understand, how can I lie him, I love him, I feel it.
- Let's go. It isn't all story. Follow me.

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