Tarja hadn't seen beautiful landscapes around her yet. She was in her thoughts. They came to a huge waterfall.

- We will come through it - said the woman.

Tarja nodded. They went through falling water, but they weren't wet after it! There was dark. Tarja indifferently looked around. Suddenly rose wind. Tarja wasn't surprise, she knew what it meaned. When wind ended, they were staying in the backstage room. Soon here came Tarja and guys. They were talking about concert, which had just ended. Tarja was smiling.

- Ok, Tuo, let's go to the car? -asked guys.
- Wait me there, I'll come soon.

Guys went out. Tuo sat near Tarja and smiled. But Tarja was shaking. For this minute she had really changed.

- Tuo...we mustn't be together forevermore...Forget what was between us...
- Tarja, dear, you don't understand what have you said now

Tuomas wanted to get closer, but she quickly got up and gave him a slap in face. After that, she shouted:

- No, Tuo, I don't love you more, I understood, what I said! I love Marcello, I'm his wife and I don't want to lie him!

After it enraged Tuomas got up strongly pressed her to the wall. Tarja was cryind and breathing frequently.

- You're his wife!? And you think it's right not to lie to him and lie to me? Didn't you feel any compassion when made the choice?

Tarja whispered, because she couldn't shout more.

- Tuomas, I loved you every moment of my life, but I was waiting too long! you couldn't decide anything serious!
- ......Yes...I should have known, that such a goddess, as you can't belong to me forever...I have only believed you....believed in your lie... - Tuo looked down in thoughts, but didn't release hands of pressed to the wall Tarja.

This moment in room came Marcello.

- Don't even touch her from this moment! - he shouted angriely.
- Marcello, please, get out! - forces returned to Tarja when Tuomas let her off.
- No, I won't let him make you cry! - he shouted and strongly hit Tuo in face.

Tarja, full of tears, ran away from room.

All dissapeared. Tarja was staying and crying. She was hardly breathing.

- I couldn't do it, I don't believe! It isn't true!
- But it really was in your life - said the woman calmly.

They went through the waterfall out. All field was full of red roses. With each falling at them tear of Tarja they became brighter and all dismissed more, but as soon as she touched one of them- all the roses on the field withered in one moment. Tarja fell on her knees. around her she heard like echo words of this view : " We mustn't be together forevermore.." "I don't love you more.." "I'm his wife.."

Tarja felt, that laughing shadows, wich wanted to kill her in the dark, were nearby.She hardly find in her force to get up, and after it she frightened said to the woman:

- Go, please, let's go to another place!
- You feel shadows again came for you?
- I feel they are there around, they are here...
- So, we must hurry up!

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