Tarja fell down and with every second around her became brighter and brighter. When the light was blinding her eyes, she shut her eyes. As soon as she did it, as if it fell asleep.
When she opened her eyes, at first she only ever saw the bright light, but he soon faded and she saw the cloudy sky. She looked around: she layed among the ruins of the building,around ran doctors and rescuers, near the fenced-part were people, who were speking something about the explosion of a building.
All of her body was covered with dust and was in severe injuries. But she wasn't feel terrible pain. She sat up and on one side saw Marcello, who was trying to get through the police, which didn't introduced him, but on the another her was going Tuomas, it is unknown how he could to come throug the police. Tarja trembled at once, got up, and walked over to him.A few minutes she stood and looked in his eyes. She remembered only the the views, which she had seen. Finally she kissed him with the greatest tenderness, as if Туо was her valuing treasure.

-I love you...more than you can imagine. Remeber it - she said.

But at this moment she remembered everything: whole her life. She made a few steps away from Туо and fell unconscious, feeling terrible pain from his many wounds.This moment to her ran Marcello. He hadn't noticed Tuomas and saw nothing of what happened. From his hand Тuо dropped out the knife, which he wanted to kill himself near the body of Tarja. He was wathing as Marcello calling doctors and only whispered:

- I love you too, my's very hard, to love the godess.

In the crowd of people stood a woman in a white dress, nobody paid attention at her. She just smiled and said quietly:

- So, you saved his life. Only your pure love could do it. I very regret Marcello has conqured your everything can change.

After she said it she dissapeared.

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